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Website Development

For many, Technology is just an application of scientific knowledge, for us Technology is a medium to redefine business and reverse the trend; Information Technology is not different in this regard. The core competency of Avik Technosoft in Web Development puts the company among privileged ones in the IT industry. We possess expertise in PHP, MYSQL, iOS, and Objective-C for delivering custom web development services.
First of all we understand exactly the custom application needs of our clients from various business verticals. After that we develop websites using advanced techniques that not just differentiate website from others but also assist in business improvement and thus business profitability. There is a pool of talented development professionals who are efficiently handling complex e-business projects whether it is B2B, B2C, Govt. portal or any other. We ensure both high-end quality and value delivery while asymmetrically ensuring high ROI.
Our software developers, web designers, mobile application developers and account managers have been executing a number of web development projects as per the business requirements. Avik Technosoft has been serving both domestic and overseas clients with commendable outsourcing capabilities and latest methodologies at competitive cost.

Website Application Development with PHP

IPhone Development

When it comes to use business applications on iPhone or enjoying interactive Entertainment Application, an iPhone App Development Company comes into play to fulfill your desire. As a multi-tasking Smartphone, iPhone offers a spectrum of multimedia features and has become an advanced platform for ecommerce, video, gaming and many other business applications of the day.
Avik Technosoft has expertise in developing a range of iPhone applications. Our pool of skilled iOS and iPhone developers possesses in-depth knowledge of the advanced Apple platforms. The frameworks we use for iOS application development include iPhone SDK, Objective C, and Cocoa. We efficiently handle challenges from small to big, easy to complex iPhone development projects with the help of our iPhone SDK developers.
The company’s professionals work on Mac OS X systems and Xcode IDE to create top grade first-hand applications that are precisely tested on iPhone in order to run smoothly after delivery. We are also developing social networking, communication, accounting, finance, messaging and geographical location applications apart from high-end games on iPhone.
Client’s needs are considered as supreme while designing and developing apps. From demo version to final product, Avik Technosoft takes care of each and every step of development so that clients satisfaction remains high.

Our superiority over iOS app solutions:

  • Proficiency in iOS 5 and iPhone SDK
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost-effective in-house development
  • Interactive and use-friendly apps
  • Consistent upgradation and improvement in features
  • Visually appealing and high performing apps
  • Interactive gaming & entertainment apps
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Assistance in business with iPhone applications
IPhone Application Development with Apple iOS

IPad Development

After iPhone, it was the high-end media tablet ‘iPad’, introduced by Apple Inc., that revolutionized the way people use computer. Apple has launched up to fifth generation iPad as ‘iPad Air’ with a bunch of cutting edge and highly successful iPad apps.
Avik Technosoft possesses a distinctive advantage in iPad application development with the support of Apple and iOS platform. Some exciting iPad applications hit the right chord without making any fuss for our users as well as clients.
Our development team creates innovative apps through meticulous conceptualizing, planning, detailed discussion, analysis and execution. We are equipped with Mac OS to develop exclusive iPad features such as 3-axis accelerometer and pop-over interface. Moreover, our capability in redefining the interactive gaming apps is a sheer reflection of superior development, and business-oriented apps adds more advantages to the iPad features like never before.

The special attributes that put us ahead include:

  • Development of a variety of mobile apps
  • Awesome troubleshooting features along with premium customer services
  • Accessibility of cost-effective and high-end apps

IPad Application Development with Apple iOS

Android Development

Android is most popular operating system being widely used in touch screen mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones all over world. As a professional mobile software developer, moving along the social and economic development with the passage of time, Avik Technosoft has been offering a range of qualitative Android apps development solutions to a number of enterprises in the country and abroad.
The company possesses a proven track record in Android apps development with the assurance of high end value-added services as per the requirements of mobile operations. Our team of Android app developers is efficient and trained to execute various projects of national and international levels. We brew maximum by exploring Android SDK platform in order to reach to the optimum level of software development.
Not limited within the technical purview of the applications, Avik Technosoft takes care of detailers business needs for handing over the top class Android apps. In recent years, we have deliver some highly appreciated applications by using different technologies such as Android SDK, Wi-Fi APIs, security architecture, Location-based Service APIs, OpenGL, Media APIs and 3D graphics.

Variety in Android apps includes:

  • Android Games Development
  • Customised Android Apps Development
  • Android Apps Testing / Portability
  • Android Social Media Applications
  • Enterprise Android Applications
  • Android Mobile-commerce Applications
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android Support & Maintenance
Android Development

CRM Development

Avik Technosoft takes pride for having an extensive experience of Customer Relationship Management solutions. The Customer Relationship Management software offers a comprehensive solution that enables an organization to maintain the important data of the customers most efficiently in different sectors.
Considered as one of the most powerful solutions, CRM software helps in accessing better business relationship. It intensifies business activities while streamlining customer relationship process, thereby ensuring better customer retention and satisfaction, which business players wish to have always.
Our CRM solutions possess strategic and intangible advantages to a great extent. We ensure high customer retention and satisfaction amidst competitive business environment whether it is banking and finance, insurance, transportation, automotive, retail, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical or entertainment. Our efficiency in applying innovative technology tools in all customer services has set an outstanding benchmark in customer relationship management.
All CRM needs including lead tracking, dashboard charting, contacts management, RSS syndication, Email processing, project management, opportunity management, marketing campaigns or case management, the professional team of Avik Technosoft is efficient in fulfilling them. Our expertise in competing technologies such as PHP, Cold Fusion, Java, JSP and Visual Basic enables us to create effective CRM development solutions that ultimately build highly significant relationships with customers. We are also proficient customization as well as implementation of open source CRM packages like Sugar CRM.
Customization of open source CRM packages continues by adding new features, translating the application to a selected language, tracking and fixing bugs, integrating with other systems in network, the company suitably addresses client’s marketing and customer services.

Features of our CRM Solution:

  • Consistent delivery
  • High-quality customer service
  • Innovative technology
  • Support various facets of customer service organization
  • Targeted services based on customer insights

Our CRM Software Solution includes:

  • Customer Service & Support
  • Office Integration
  • Business Alerts and Notification
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Mobile Solutions
Customer Relationship Management System

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